Extension Office VGMO

CPC Extension Services is committed to continuous enhancement of skills, knowledge, and values of students who are God-centered, environment friendly, research oriented and world class professionals.

Colegio de la Purisima Concepcion

The CPC Extension Services adheres the core values of Pro Deo et Patria (Love of God and Country), Excellence, Integrity, Professionalism, Teamwork, Commitment, Transparency, Accountability, and Social Transformational Responsibility.


A center of excellence for Catholic social transformation and community involvement.


Sustain viable projects in its partner community which are well participated by the beneficiaries, CPC community, and linkages with government and non-government organizations.


  1. Strong CPC Christian and Values Formation

    1. To train Christian leaders to act as catalyst in the community.
    2. To help beneficiaries to be God loving and God centered persons.
    3. To deepen beneficiaries relationship with God through catechisms and Bible sharing.
  2. Relevant and Quality Learning

    1. To develop functional literacy and numeracy skills among beneficiaries (Remedial class).
    2. To equip student volunteers with adequate skills for them to render quality services.
  3. Strong Research Culture

    1. To conduct research studies for livelihood programs in the community and evaluate these at the end of the program.
    2. To participate in all relevant projects of the government on community development.
    3. To initiate plans for fund sourcing for the community extension services.
  4. Responsive Community Extension Services Partnerships

    1. To develop in the beneficiary’s wholesome attitudes toward work, proper nutrition, healthy living, concern for the protection of environment, education and training.
    2. To develop basic occupational skills, needed for income generating activities.
    3. To develop skills in interpersonal activities such as small business, management, financed marketing, and project management and evaluation.
  5. Physical Plant and Facilities

    1. To provide a venue for student extentionists to develop livelihood skills that they will impart to the school and partner communities.