Guidance Office

Colegio de la Purisima Concepcion

Guidance and Counseling Services

  1. Orientation Services – There shall be a regular comprehensive orientation program held for new and continuing students responsive to students’ need.
  2. Appraisal – The Guidance Office shall maintain students’ cumulative records which contain relevant information about student, e.g. family background, test data, etc. Records shall be appropriate, usable and regularly updated. There shall be provision for a well-planned assessment program for students with appropriate standardized psychological tests are administered, scored and interpreted by qualified personnel. The test results are interpreted to students, teachers, and concerned individuals, e.g. parents.
  3. Counseling – Gender Sensitive individual and group counseling shall be provided by a licensed counselor. A counseling room shall be provided to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of counseling sessions. The records and/or counseling are maintained and kept confidential.
  4. Career and Placement Service – Informative materials on career and opportunities shall be provided and development programs shall be made available.
 Admission (Placement and Appraisal) Services To help the applicants in their entry to the college by administering the placement test, checking their credentials and other requirements, and guiding them in the entire enrollment process.
Information and Educational (Orientation) Services To provide all students the opportunity to acquire knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary for their development through discussions to relevant topics in the course of:

  1. Homeroom Guidance (for Grade School)
  2. Beginning of the Year Orientation
  3. Seminar, Symposia and For a
  4. Trainings
Responsive (Counseling) Services To help the students break the barriers that impinge upon their personal, interpersonal, academic and career development by allowing them to explore their feelings and by facilitating change in their behavior through self understanding and decision-making. This is done through:

  1. Individual and group counseling
  2. Consultations
  3. Referrals
Career Education Services To provide students relevant information that may assist them in their career exploration and planning and in their understanding about the world of work.To promote the Purisimian education to the graduating students of elementary and secondary schools.
Individual Inventory Assessment Services To collect, organize and bank student information that can serve as bases for understanding student needs.To administer, score and interpret different psychological and educational tests and make use of the results to assist the students in meeting their concerns.