Medical and Dental Services

Colegio de la Purisima Concepcion
  1. CPC shall provide primary health care services administered by licensed medical, dental and allied professionals are made available to all students. There shall be adequate facilities for health care and updated health records are kept and maintained as required by the Department of Health.
  2. The Medical and Dental Services aim to channel the total delivery of the primary health care and to seek increased awareness on the health status of the general CPC populace, most especially the students. It also aims to disseminate information/knowledge to all in order to equip them with precautionary/preventive measures when diseases occur.
  3. Awareness of the existence of the school clinic will provide proper health care and medication that will help keep the students healthy.
Annual Medical and Dental Examination Every student in every year level is requested to submit themselves for an annual physical and dental examination.  
Daily Consultation To  give consultation to students with medical and dental complaints during school hours

To provide first aid treatment and initial medications to primary complaints (e.g. dressing of wounds, fever, headache, mouth sores, etc.)

To make necessary referral if further treatment and evaluation is needed.

Medical Certificate/Clearance To provide medical check-up to students who will participate in the tournaments/games and other trainings (inside and outsides the school activities); medical clearance is then granted if found physically fit.  
Employees To provide medical and dental consultation to school employees during office hours.

To give primary treatment and medications.

To make necessary referral if further treatment and evaluation is needed.

To keep MDC staff undated on their line of profession by attending continuing medical/dental education, seminars, and conferences.